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Faccenda Foods to implement SonoSteam technology

From Faccenda Foods to implement SonoSteam technology after successful trial SonoSteam technology to move to continuous running Over 80% reduction in Campylobacter proven during in-line trials £1m investment in SonoSteam is one element of a comprehensive Campylobacter plan Brackley, UK – Faccenda Foods, one of the UK’s leading food companies, has confirmed that its…

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Chlorine Dioxide in Carcase Wash

To obtain efficacy data and practical operating details including costs on application of chlorine dioxide water as a decontaminant in poultry processing Project Outline Chlorine Dioxide ClO2 up to a maximum level of 0.5ppm was added to the water used for the washing of carcases during processing, and comparing the effect against a previous baseline…

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